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Togo is a country in West Africa.

Togo may also refer to:





  • Tōgō Heihachirō (東郷 平八郎, 1848–1934), Japanese admiral
  • Tōgō Masamichi (東郷正路, 1852–1906), Japanese admiral
  • Togo Murano (村野 藤吾, 1891–1984), Japanese architect
  • Seiji Togo (東郷 青児, 1897–1978), Japanese painter and artist
  • Shigenori Togo (東郷 茂徳, 1882–1950), Foreign Minister of Japan
  • Togo Yamamoto (山本 冬郷, 1886–?), Japanese actor
  • Jonathan Togo (born 1977), American actor
  • Togo Mizrahi (1901–1986), Egyptian director, actor, producer, and screenwriter
  • Togo Palazzi (1932–2022), American retired National Basketball Association player
  • Togo D. West Jr. (1942–2018), African-American lawyer and Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Togo (comedian), stage name of Filipino entertainer Andres Solomon (1905–1952)
  • Togo Igawa, stage name of Japanese actor Yoshiyuki Baba (born 1946)
  • Dick Togo (ディック 東郷), ring name of Japanese professional wrestler Shigeki Sato (born 1969)


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